HRKNSSremote: Staying Healthy at Home with Janine Ferro-Landaverde, Boston Athletic Club
Janine will discuss fitness and health while working from home. Three points that will be covered include physical health, mental/emotional wellness, and nutrition. In discussing proper ergonomic posture while seated at your desk, you’ll learn about the physical effects of sitting overtime, and ways to counteract any negative musculoskeletal effects. Fitness and health in these times is more important than ever, but it can also provide emotional relief and some fun! Janine will provide you with tips that will assist in improving your health as you navigate your new work at home environment, but you will also find her information to be motivation for lifelong wellness.

Janine Ferro-Landaverde
Personal Trainer
Boston Athletic Club

Janine is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA and a Certified Athletic Trainer. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Athletic Training. Originally from Connecticut, she went to Boston University, and returned to Boston after finishing graduate school in Arizona. She has spent her career thus far in collegiate athletics, across all three division levels. She has worked with athletes in a variety of sports from basketball and soccer, to track, wrestling, and club sports, including rugby. A native New Englander, Janine figure-skated for years and loved playing softball as well.

As a personal trainer, Janine has helped clients from 15 to 85-year-olds. While addressing her clients’ goals, she focuses on mobility, injury prevention, functionality, and building core strength. Her background in Athletic Training allows for the addition of rehabilitative-based exercises and manual techniques when appropriate. Janine likes to read-up on the latest research and is a life learner in the profession. Aside from challenging herself with sprint triathlons and teaching group exercise classes, Janine enjoys activities outdoors, yoga, exploring Boston, or trying a new recipe at home!