HRKNSScowork is a collaborative coworking experience located at Capital Commons in downtown Concord, New Hampshire with a very local connection.

Inspired by an incubator study commissioned by the City of Concord and the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, HRKNSScowork gets its name from the philanthropist, Edward Harkness, who is a graduate of St. Paul’s School here in Concord, Class of 1893. He inherited one of Gilded-Age America’s largest fortunes from his father, who was one of the largest shareholders in John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Edward gave away an estimated $129 million in his life (more than $2 billion today), but perhaps his most transformational gift resulted in challenging Phillips Exeter Academy to revolutionize its educational experience, an experience that our founders value to this day. The heart of this revolutionary experience was based on the creation of a collaborative learning table in his name which encouraged those around the table to learn from each other and grow together. We have taken this philosophy to heart and embedded this in the coworking experience, whether it be as literal as our “table and seats” logo and our meeting room tables or in more subtle ways through our programming.

To make this all possible, we are very thankful for our many partners who are willing to work with us to create such a supportive community for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and anyone else who just needs a place to work a little bit more collaboratively.

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